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Vampire PM #48


Thank you for coming back to this story despite my terrible procrastinating

SUMMARY (Part 37-46)

Vampire PM #47 Recap:

Jihun and Emma read books in sunshine and as they talk they realize they have quite a lot in common despite their initial differences. On the other hand, something else keeps on edging into Emma’s mind.

Minjun and Amber set out to meet the person who is supposedly selling the so-called Dornoch virus (a.k.a. vampire tracking device). It happens to be Jaebeom, Minjun’s older brother. They have a final fall out because of their different views on family and their lives in general.

Emma and Jihun wander around a small town very late at night, and Emma senses something off. She thinks it’s a vampire hunting around and she sets to find him. Jihun follows.

Amber gives Minjun a counseling session in the car, but he keeps on moping around, so she gets pissed off and gives him some of the best time of his life.

On with the newest part!


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Vampire PM #47b

Vampire PM #47


Well, I guess I won't make it until September (what else is new), but I think I finally found the formula that will help me be done with this fic this year. I HOPE. Thank you for your supporting messages on LJ, Twitter, Ask.fm, and Tumblr. I really appreciate every single one of it. You know, I always say that I write because I want to (because it's true), and I will continue posting until there's at least one person reading and commenting (that's also true), but it's always really nice to get more feedback in various forms^^ At the same time, I realize I should be more consistent with my updates to maintain the readership. And yes, that is definitely my fault for not being able to keep up.

With this author's note, I'm giving a summary of the last 10 chapters, as per request of arashi_sugoi. The summary link leads to my tumblr page though, because the summary turned out to be so long it exceeded LJ limits (OTL) and I didn't want to cut this chapter into 3 parts instead of 2. Anyways, enjoy. This is one of the few chapters that focus on Minjun. I actually thought a lot about almost every single scene I had to write in #47, and I don't know whether you will get my intentions, but I've tried >_<

SUMMARY (Part 37-46)

Part #46

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