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Vampire PM #29a

*comes out into the daylight*

Did you miss me?

*gets bricked*

I’m sorry T^T I know I was supposed to update before my flight back in August, but then it got all hectic, and when I landed in Korea it was like… the busiest 2 weeks ever with getting visa, dealing with timetable, running around back and forth for 2PM, and what not (you should’ve seen my accounts on 2PM concert if you follow my tumblr). And then the hell began.

For the last three months my schedule has been like this: Korean class, lunch, regular class, work, sleep, Korean class, lunch… well you get the picture. Plus I still have some duties for 2PMalways, I need to meet friends on weekends (even though I don’t have that many), so by the time I’m left alone with my laptop, I just stare at it with my head so heavy and tired, I just wanna flop over and sleep. I’m sorry about that. I’m really frustrated that I cannot update fast. Not to mention that it’s been more than a year since I started this story, and I really want to finish it. We're at least into the second half of it already. So without further ado, I give you this HUMONGOUS chapter ( > 15 000 words orz), and I hope you won’t kill me when you read the final scene lulz, I came up with it just two days ago XD.


#27 – Prince Taejo is avoiding meeting with Emma and Joon seems to know why, but he lets his hyung-nim off the hook. On the other side of the world, Wooyoung enters Khun’s room, slurping at the blood through the straw, and musing some philosophical things, until eventually Khun declares that the slurping is annoying. They go through a weird heart-to-heart session wherein Khun opens about how his complicated relationship with Chansung, and Wooyoung calls Khun “hyung”. He eventually passes out on Khun’s sheets and Khun’s not thrilled, because Wooyoung’s all dirty. // FLASHBACK scene introduces to 18th century Japan and Chansung and Nichkhun running into Emma.

#28 – Junho’s lab equipment arrives and Sunye helps him to carry it all up to her flat. She thinks she needs to know more about the boy if she intends to stay with him. // Bobby runs into Taec and almost stabs him because he scares her. Taec then says that he’s taking her to the North and Bobby’s shocked to know that he managed to convince her mother that everything will be alright, despite the fact that her daughter will miss school. *insert some flailing on how handsome Taec is here* // Back in Sunye’s apartment, Junho thinks he found the reason why Wooyoung likes Yena’s blood, but he thinks it’s too simple. Wooyoung has a high level of hemoglobin and that is unusual for a vampire. Junho thinks he needs to do more tests on vampire blood in general and he asks Sunye if she’s willing to donate *freebies included*.

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It was way past midnight by the time they reached Dornoch. Bobby vaguely remembered how they crossed over the Dornoch Firth Bridge and then drove further and further even though she was almost 100% sure that they were supposed to turn right at the first intersection right after crossing the bridge. Instead they headed north and then turned left. Bobby was dozing off and periodically hitting her head into the car’s window, which is why she didn’t miss a road sign saying that they have drove into the grounds of Clashmore, which she thought was yet another Highlands village. They were in abundance here.

Taec drove fast, but not with a kind of break-your-neck-and-backbone attitude. The car rolled smoothly and Bobby felt secure even though the speedometer’s arrow was pointing at a digit that was definitely above the general national limit.

“I thought we were going to Dornoch,” she drawled sleepily, secretly checking whether she had saliva dripping down the corner of her mouth. She wasn’t the drooling type, but one could never know really. “You said we would be staying at the castle,” she mumbled closing her eyes. “I googled, you know, Dornoch castle hotel is downtown…”

“I said that we would be staying at a castle,” Taec’s voice filled the car’s salon, and for a second Bobby felt as if she had submerged into a pleasantly warm bubble bath, but she had to drop that thought, because she probably would’ve peed herself with delight. Then it definitely would’ve been warm… “…But I certainly didn’t say anything about Dornoch Castle,” his voice spiked up her attention right when she wanted to hit herself for the most random and disgusting thoughts.

“Then, where are we…?” she opened her eyes wide and looked around, even though she could see no further than the scope of the BMW’s headlights.

“Up,” he pointed forwards with his chin and for a second Bobby wanted to kick him, because he obviously could see as well as a hawk in pitch darkness, and she thought he was teasing her, but then she strained her sight and looked further, noticing a bright flash of lights without any difficulty. Bright lights were illuminating a majestic building and Bobby’s jaw dropped.

“Skibo Castle?” she gasped. “We’re staying at the Skibo Castle?”

Taecyeon simply grinned speeding up a little bit, now that the destination was near. Bobby couldn’t believe it. From what she knew only members of this special club could enter Skibo Castle. If that weren’t enough, one could become a member of the club only by personal invitation, which meant that you had to be stinking rich and know the right people.

She watched as the castle was drawing closer and closer. With every yard they covered the building grew bigger, and all the towers and turrets were illuminated with lights coming from every window she could see. The light was rather dim and it flickered, as if it was a candle light, or a light coming from a fireplace, but who would illuminate a castle this big with nothing but a candle light. That would be absolutely illogical and… Bobby narrowed her eyes.

“Don’t tell me the Skibo Castle is owned by vampires as well,” she mumbled.

“Well, technically…” Taec shrugged.

“Is there something you guys DON’T own?!” Bobby suddenly exploded frustrated.

Taec simply grinned to himself and after a few minutes they rolled into the main courtyard of the castle. Bobby was too preoccupied gawking at the enormous building to notice Taec get out of the car.

She felt like she was looking at a celebrity. Bobby was trying to wrap her mind around the fact she was about to spend the night at the Skibo Castle. She had only seen pictures of this thing. From what she knew, Madonna and Guy Ritchie got married in the castle back in the days, and now she was going to see it from the inside with her own eyes. As an ordinary mortal (ha, the irony of the term), she wanted to remember every single detail, but it was almost like watching a concert – too many things to take notice of in a time too brief.

The passenger’s door opened and Bobby blinked trying to see through the haze that covered her eyes. They were just too bleary. However, she still managed to see Taec’s hand being reached out for her. He was obviously offering his assistance and the look in his dark, deep-set eyes was oozing with a kind of dark chocolate warmth that Bobby grabbed his lukewarm hand and allowed him to pull her out of the car, before she turned into a melting cube of butter on a hot pan.

He held her hand while they were climbing up the stone stairs. For a moment there Taec seemed to be like an older brother she had never had (ok, she did, but he had never been that caring… and good-looking), ready to catch her whenever she would fall. And keeping in mind Bobby’s current state of mind she was bound to collapse any second now. She actually would’ve dropped down if it weren’t for Taec’s arm giving her a steady support. Not to mention that the huge piece of architecture was basically ordering her to take everything in.

Bobby reclined back her head, trying to see the very top of the building and her mouth gaped open, as they both waited for the main front door to be unlocked.

The door moved without a single sound, as if the hinges were made of some futuristic material, but it just showed how well the castle was looked after. Naturally, most of the things were restored, and not everything was original, but one could always dream, now couldn’t she?

There was no one behind the door and Bobby felt a little bit crept out, but with Taec standing tall right next to her, there was nothing to be afraid of. Then, of course, a thought hit her, eagerly reminding her that Ok Taecyeon was one of the youngest… almost like a teen of the vampire world, but Bobby shook her head, because she couldn’t afford to worry about something like that right now.

The first thing she noticed was that she had been right about the lighting. As crazy as it might have been, there really was not a single light bulb on in the whole castle. The warm and cosy glow was coming from candles and fireplaces and Bobby thought that whoever was responsible for this, that person must’ve been an expert in fire protection. On the other hand, the natural subdued lighting made the castle look more inviting on this late February night. Not to mention, that this huge chandelier above their heads set with probably a few dozens of candles was absolutely impressive and breath-taking. To put it simply, she was overwhelmed. It felt like she had taken a time machine ride back to the 19th century and that was not all.

There were stairs. The main staircase was right in front of them as they walked into the hall. It was made of dark oak and covered with a red carpet. The stairs were framed by sophisticated rails with complicated wood carvings, that probably took hours and hours to make and just as much of time to maintain, because the tightest corners of these ornaments were bound to collect dust, and the whole place was actually pristine clean.

There was a wall-tall stained-glass at the end of the stairs and it glowed in warm yellow, red and royal blue which looked like an image from a fairy-tale. Beauty and the Beast, was the title which came to Bobby’s mind, as the stained glass did resemble the very first few scenes from the animation. And there was a lady standing at the very top of the stairs. It took Bobby one glance to understand what she was. The girl gripped Taec’s hand tighter as the lady began descending down the stairs. Her long sleeve-less velvet blue gown flowed with every single step she took and her wavy elbow-length hair was darker than the night itself.

When she finally got down to their level, Bobby was surprised to see the lady was actually rather tall. She was only slightly shorter than Yena which meant that the gorgeous vampire stood at 5’8’’ or 5’9’’ at the least. The skin on her arms, neck and face looked so smooth that she could’ve been a model for baby’s skin lotion. She looked impressive even for a vampire, and when the lady gazed with her sparkling emerald green eyes up at Taec, giving him a warm understanding smile, Bobby realized something.

The lady looked raceless. She obviously hailed from the Highlands, but it almost looked as if she was from some other world. It wasn’t so because she was mixed or anything, the lady was simply that old and people like her had long ceased walking this earth. She was what humans used to be a long long time ago. Bobby wondered how old the lady was, because it felt like looking at a Nefertiti, but that was not a polite thing to ask.

Taec lowered his head giving the host a low bow. Bobby followed the suite, almost brushing the floor with her hair.

“My lady,” Taec’s low voice rumbled in the hall. There probably couldn’t have been more incompatible people in the world as the lady was in an expensive gown and Taec wore nothing but jeans and a hoodie. But a spark flashed between them and Bobby mumbled silently under hear breath something akin to “birds of feather”. The lady gave him a very slight nod.

“Young master Ok Taecyeon,” her voice sounded like a crystal clean stream in a dark forest – it was soft and not too high. “What a nice surprise,” she eyed him up and down. “I was expecting young master Horvejkul though.”

“Oh,” Taecyeon gave a curt nod again. “I’m afraid my master has encountered certain personal difficulties he could not overcome, and I have arrived in his stead. I sincerely apologize for the change of plans and I do hope that you will find my presence moderately sufficient at the least.”

“I am sure that your presence will be more than sufficient,” she said without any particular tinge to it and then concentrated on Bobby. If Taec had been a normal specimen of Homo sapiens, his hand would have been aching like crazy now with all the squeezing. For the first time in her life Bobby was actually afraid of a vampire. “What can I do for your little human friend?” she asked without a single trace of morbid interest that a predator would have in its prey. As far as that lady was concerned, Bobby probably was considered no more important than that expensive looking antique chair at the corner of the hall.

Taec bowed again.

“Lady Kahelin,” he said. “This young girl is here to help me lest it was sunny tomorrow, and as you can see, she can barely stand on her feet. So if it were possible to put her to sleep…”

“Why of course,” lady Kahelin or whatever her name was spelt smiled. “This way please,” and she turned around on her heel. Taec pulled Bobby along as he followed the lady up the stairs. She didn’t know how many steps she covered that night, because there were stairs, some more stairs, a hall lit in a dim candlelight, then stairs again, and another hall – she lost count, especially as she couldn’t take her eyes off the graceful silhouette clad in dark gown walking right in front of them. Bobby had to admit the vampire had a nice derriere. And then she hoped the room or whatever they were taking her was near already, because this place made her think weird thoughts.

Luckily, right when they turned left into a spacy corridor, Lady Kahelin opened the second door on the right and let them go in.

“Be my guest,” she said casting a polite yet fleeting glance at Bobby and focused on Taec before he disappeared into the room with this human friend. “I shall be expecting you,” she said and turned away to leave.

“Why of course,” Taec bowed as she walked away and closed the door. Bobby was too preoccupied with what the vampire had said to go into another bout of jaw-dropping about the room. It was… fantastic to say the least: there was a huge bed with baldachin swimming in white sheets and pillows, there was an old Persian carpet and a couch right in front of the bed, embroidered in very soft pink. The walls were covered in wooden plates and one could certainly not overlook the antique set of china on an ebony tea table, right in front of that royal armchair, set near the wall at the opposite side from the bed. A tiny voice deep inside her head was urging her to take a picture and tweet it this very instance, but she was still lingering on the final touches of the stingy conversation.

“I’ll be expecting you…” she mumbled under her nose, and then turned left to look at Taec who was seemingly very interested in the interior – he was currently trying to figure out whether there was any gold in the picture frame which hung on the far left wall in between two huge windows which were covered by heavily embroidered curtains. “Almost sounds like she expects some sugar daddy loving…”

She dragged herself further into the room, focusing and aiming for the bed only. However, the queer silence that hovered in the room caught her attention right when she was about to collapse onto the soft bedding. She turned right to see Taec giving her the look. Well, in fact, his face was quite blank, and that was not the usual thing you would expect from this bubbly nerd. Now her jaw really dropped.

“No way,” she gasped. Taec shrugged and walked along the wall, marvelling at the carvings in the wooden plates that seamlessly connected one with the other, creating an illusion that the wall was actually made of wood. “Come on!” Bobby threw her arms up ahead, her wavy hair following her every move, as she flopped onto the bed, her strength finally leaving her. “Are you really going to do it?”

“If it comes down to it, yes,” he calmly walked to Bobby, and kneeled on his knee right in front of her. His usual mischievous older brother attitude suddenly changed into a thoughtful older brother demeanour. There was nothing but kindness oozing from his dark eyes, and his voice was soothing like hot chocolate.

“Why?” Bobby asked perplexed, but she didn’t sound too horrified. She just wanted to know, and perhaps she believed that there was no way Taec could do something like that out of the blue. “Who… what is she?”

“We met her at the Christmas party at Amber’s,” he explained. “She got interested in Khun’s business, because she’s interested in supporting the Highlands and business is one of the best ways to do it. It is rare to see a vampire as old as Lady Kahelin still being a rather active member of society, and it is always a good idea to have an ancient vampire on your side.”

“Is she older than Junsu-oppa?”

“Lady Kahelin is older than our prince,” Taec said.

“Ah,” Bobby now fully collapsed onto the bed, falling flat on her back. “Then she won’t harass a minor,” Taec chuckled quietly as she gave him an inspecting eye through the heap of soft wide blanket. “And you wouldn’t do it anyway.”

“Go sleep, Bobby,” Taec stood up, smiling like an understanding parent. “You might have a long day ahead of you tomorrow, if the cloudy weather of the Isles betrays us.”

“Ah, there, you see?” she pointed her finger at him. “You’re already speaking like a person from some Victorian drama,” Bobby then hugged the pillow which was the closest to her and stared at him with her big chocolate eyes wide open. “This castle does things to you,” she whispered as if revealing a big secret and Taec actually laughed.

“Sleep!” he said.

“Ok… oh wait!” she suddenly remembered something and rummaged through her handbag which she still had slung over her shoulder. “Here!” Bobby reached out her hand offering him something. “I filched it from Yena’s stack the day before, wanted to try out, but… I guess you might need it more, after all the blood loss and stress and what not…” at the end of the sentence the volume of her voice got really low, as if she was rather embarrassed, but not because of the indecent act of stealing. She felt awkward about showing that she cared.

There was a mix of feelings boiling inside of him, when Taec saw that Bobby was giving him the notorious calf-blood food supplement. He was grateful as he took the bar and smiled at her, but there was also a good amount of worry behind that smile. Taecyeon wasn’t too happy about the fact that she seemed to be so comfortable around them. It came too natural for her, as if she had seamlessly integrated into their world, and that was not how it was supposed to be. He wasn’t that old of a vampire, but he had already seen enough of similar cases which, in the end, did not have a very satisfying outcome. He just hoped that there was still a way for her to go back.

He put the food supplement bar into his hoodie’s pocket and reached out his hand to ruffle her thick hair before leaving the room.

“Sleep,” he said closing the door. Bobby sighed.

“Ok,” she shrugged and plopped onto a big soft pillow, falling asleep at once with her clothes still on.


On to Part 2


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Jun. 12th, 2012 06:53 pm (UTC)
oh my goodness Ok Taecyeonn... my ultimate bias..
I wish I have an oppa like him >< Bobby is so lucky!!
I can feel he's worried about Bobby's safety as she has gone into the so-called 'vampire world' too deep.. aahh something is definitely going on

I guess I'm the first one to roll a kimbab here? okay then.. thank you for the crazy, brilliant fic ever Egle!!
sorry for staying silent for some moment.. I've been speeding to finish the fic as much as I can as it was occupying too much of my imagination XD lol

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Sep. 23rd, 2012 07:28 pm (UTC)
Do you think you would be able to keep your hands off him, if you had an oppa like Taec? xD

I suppose Taecyeon in Vampire PM is a really "warm" person, despite the fact that he was turned into something "cold"...

Thank you for reading my fic, and really sorry it took me three months to reply you >.< Grown up life sucks :(

Anyway, I hope you will come back for more, when I update again x]
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