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Vampire PM #30a


Oh wow, look at that, a little bit faster than before huh? XD
To be honest, this chapter was supposed to have 4 scenes, but the one that I decided add on a whim grew out into something I couldn't control, and I bet you're gonna go "HUH?!" again, but I suppose I'm experiencing Korean brain meltdown so... Please bear with me XD The remaining three will be in the next installment (hopefully).

Either way, even though this scene was supposed to be something like a filler, it actually glues things together and even contains some important points regarding the further development of the plot so... without further ado, let's go \^0^/

P.S. The Shadow thing will be explained in Part 31. Don't worry, it's all good x]

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It was close to morning and hot enough to make your ordinary human sweat. He still found it hard to compute the fact that it could be as high as 40 degrees Celsius in December, but that was the Southern hemisphere for you. The three of them stood back to back in the middle of an empty plain save for a few dry trees, scarce bushes and a dozen or so local Guarani vamps baring their fangs at them. He heard a gun fire in the distance, and something told him that they would not be reaching Pozo Colorado by dawn. Just their luck, Ok Taecyeon hated digging into the ground for the day.

“Whose idea it was to cross Paraguay again?” Khun asked mentally counting the hostile vampires, surprised that there were so many of them. They were probably lured in by the ivory stench of blood which was all over the plain because of the war that’s been going on for more than a year now. As usual Taec was the one to do the homework, and when he had reported his finding to Khun, the Thai was very reluctant to travel via Gran Chaco, because wars always attracted vultures and scavengers, and he hated those types of vampires the most.

“You would be starving in Atacama right now,” Joon sounded defensive. “Digging into the sands every single day.”

“Joon, we’re not that much better off right now as well,” Taec pointed out, clearly feeling the remains of soil in his right ear from last night… er... day. He could understand why the locals were so hostile towards them though. Even if their little group had no intention of stealing their prey, for a vampire living in this kind of environment was tough. The prey was scarce, and the more bloodsuckers there were, the harder it was to survive. With a war going on, it was only natural that the local vamps would flock around the warfare epicenter and any unfamiliar vampire would be treated like an unwanted trespasser. And as far as their threesome was concerned, they really, honestly, truthfully just wanted to pass. But now it didn’t seem like happening any time soon.

“Can’t you just tell them, that we have no intention of tapping into their resources?” Joon asked already counting the odds, and thinking of the best way to deal with the locals. They were definitely outnumbered, but he could tell that the vampires in front of them were not that old. So the threesome certainly had an advantage… well, Taecyeon might’ve been only around 50, but what he lacked in age he offset in strength as the youngest of the so-called Daegu royal coven was ridiculously strong.

“Joon,” Taec uttered in his low voice. “I know I’m a genius and all that, but even I can’t learn a language in a DAY,” he emphasized rolling his eyes.

“Taecyeon-ah~” Khun squeezed Taec’s hand lightly before letting it go, as he felt that their youngest was getting slightly agitated. “No one expects you to be fluent in Guarani. We don’t need that,” he put his hands up, indicating that he meant no harm, and exclaimed in a confident voice. “Somos mensajeros oficiales de Príncipe Taejo de Corea. No estamos interesados en sus humanos. Solo queremos pasar*!

With that the growling around them grew even more intense and the circle was narrowed down to the point that the opponents were within an arm’s reach now. They clearly understood what had been said, but it seemed like they weren’t too satisfied about that.

“Ah… Khun?” Taec’s eyes darted from one Guarani face to the other. The fight was inevitable now. “I don’t think… they like Spanish too much… you know, Spanish vamps have come along with the conquistadores and basically pushed the local vamps out of the best hunting-grounds.”

“Couldn’t mention that earlier, now could you?” Joon was 100% ready to defend himself and his companions with all he had by now.

“Hyung, aren’t you supposed to be the leader of our campaign?” Khun bumped his shoulder into Joon’s back, unleashing the bickering flood to the fullest.

“The hell, I know nothing of South America!” Joon spiked up. “That’s why you two brainiacs are with me. Hyung only sent me away because I broke his favorite Goryeo vase…”

“Wow, I would’ve never thought His Majesty to be this petty…” Taec mused. “Not to mention have an interest in pottery…”

A gun fire thundered a few kilometers east and it worked like a signal for the Guarani to attack. They were getting tired of waiting already, not to mention that listening to three strange vampires bickering in a weird language they couldn’t understand was extremely frustrating, so once the humans over there resolved to carry on with their battle, the vampires also plunged forward. Nichkhun, Joon and Taecyeon tensed noticeably, expecting a strong blow, waiting to retaliate. No matter how experienced one was, or what advanced fighting skills one was in possession of, when one was outnumbered… one WAS outnumbered. It was especially relevant in a vampire confrontation, because if the mass that assaults was not bound to follow the basic battle code, you were basically screwed.

Most of them flocked together onto Taec, perhaps thinking that they should take him down first due to his sheer size. He was basically buried under a mountain of vampires, and he had to win his way through a cobweb of bodies on his own, because Khun and Joon were busy fighting the rest. It took them just a fraction of second to pull their swords out, and Khun actually regretted not having taken his gun with silver bullets. The vampire society still was rather reluctant to use the newest weaponry technologies, because they preferred the old way of tackling a problem, but when a situation was as dire as this, one would have definitely made use of a firearm for self-defense. Not to mention that the Guarani were also equipped with silver daggers, so it made things even worse.

With a loud roar that reminded of a wounded bear in the mountains Taec pushed himself through and emerged from the anthill of vamps, punching and throwing them to the left and to the right. Khun cast a fleeting glance back at him and, making sure that the youngling was alright, the Thai Prince rammed his elbow into his opponents chin, and the same time crushing his skull with the hard tip of his katana’s hilt. After a terrible “CRACK” the vampire fell to the ground unconscious. It didn’t kill him, but gave Khun some precious time, before the wound healed up completely.

They didn’t want to kill anybody risking an international scandal, and this confrontation was definitely unfortunate what with the sun about to rise and all. Breaking an opponent’s arm and kicking another one hard in the nose Joon stole a worried glance at the east, because they were out in the open, and there was definitely nowhere to hide. He was about to smash a very much so disheveled vampire into the ground, when he heard a scary growl that sent shivers down his back. It sounded like a wounded tiger and Joon looked back over his shoulder to see two female vampires perched on Taec’s shoulders, clawing, biting and sucking him like there was no tomorrow.

They had taken off his jacket and bit through his white shirt, staining it and ripping it. Taecyeon snatched the vampire on his left shoulder at her long hair and tore her off him without any second thought, growling and roaring, ignoring the fact that her claws and fangs had been so deep into his skin that bits and pieces of his flesh also were torn along with the vampire. But Taec paid no heed, when it came to fighting and bringing down his opponent, he never cared too much about what would become of him in the end.

Before he could lose half of his right shoulder, Khun wasted no time: crushing another vampire’s jaw with his knee, Khun dashed towards Taec and with one light swing of his arm he chopped the female vampire’s head off. It rolled off towards her peers as her lip body fell of Taec and flopped to the ground.

“It’s not even an official duel, you bitch,” Khun spat out obviously infuriated. “How dare you bite him?”

“Khun, I’m fine,” Taec winced at the pain in his shoulders as his flesh began growing back little by little, while the Guarani vampires, seeing that one of them had been slain, started howling like mad. Their screams and cries rang even louder than the thunder of the cannonry a few miles east.

“No you’re not,” Khun cut off, slinging Taec’s right arm over his shoulders and pointing the tip of his sword at the Guarani who were already prowling towards them. “Joon-hyung!” he called. “Regroup!”

“Wha--? Oh crap, hang on!” leaving his opponents in medias res, at the last moment Joon managed to grab a hold of Khun’s foot as the Thai shot up into the sky with his left arm around Taecyeon’s waist. The Guarani were left speechless. They were so astounded that they forgot how to howl. They clearly didn’t expect this to happen, and none of them was experienced enough to follow the intruders up.

Khun went up high enough to see the entire area. Even the battle that was going on at Campo Via pocket could be easily discerned from where he stopped to hover suspended in the air. Joon let go of Khun’s foot and pushed himself up to his eye-level. Lee Joon was old enough to easily float around and even fly, but he could never match Nichkhun’s speed. After all, natural was a natural.

Joon eyed Taec’s wounds.

“I didn’t expect them to bite,” he said as warm wind played with his hair although it was rather hard to do, because a few stray strands were smeared with blood and stuck together. Taec coughed.

“Keeping in mind the scarce resources, I’d say it’s pretty normal that they disembowel every hostile vampire that wanders into their territory as well,” he reasoned. “It’s unconventional, but hey…”

“Do you even feel pain?” Khun shook him frustrated and Taec frowned as a sudden pang shot through him like a lightning. “I appreciate your intellect and what not, but from time to time you should think of yourself as well, for crying out loud! Taec!”

“What?!” Taec whined pouting.

“There are more coming,” Joon announced watching the ground like an eagle.

“WHAT?!” both Taec and Khun exclaimed unable to believe their ears.

“And the sun is about to rise,” Joon looked back at them, the usual mischief gone from his face and his voice. He looked dead serious now, and really resembled someone who was almost 600 years old. “We really have no chance but to go down and repel them until the sunrise. They will have no other way, but to go underground as well, so we will have time to recuperate.”

“And then what?” Khun asked. Joon shrugged.

“Run?” he offered looking around for a better place to land. “Let’s go down over there,” he pointed with his sword at a relatively empty patch of ground further from their initial battle ground. “We’ll have more time left before they come,” he glanced at the youngest. “Sorry about that, Taec.”

“Don’t mind me,” he said energetically, and Khun wanted to slap him. Joon demonstrably gripped his sword.

“It’s different now,” he announced, his voice steely and relentless. “Spare no one,” and he slowly hovered down, finally behaving like a hyung he was.

“You heard him,” Taec poked Khun in the ribs and the elder had no other choice, but to go down and prepare for another encounter with the local Guarani. Nichkhun knew that they could push them back until the sunrise, but at what cost. Taecyeon was too young to go on without feed for a long period of time, and considering his current blood loss, Khun was seriously worried about the youngling, even though he sucked at showing it. Whenever it happened he blamed himself for being a bad mentor and guardian and that pushed him even further into business, financial investments and other monetary activities that would secure their coven’s future.

He knew they were coming from two directions when they landed. Judging from the way they moved the backup was even bigger than the main party and it was approaching from the human battle direction, so it was pretty obvious that they have been feasting when their kin suddenly called for them. That also allowed him to presuppose that the newcomers would not be as keen to bite as the first party, but who knew.

When they clashed, he left all of his thoughts behind as his senses sharpened and he pulled his imprint sensation from the depths of his head. No matter what happened, he had to keep that upper right tooth safe. It was an instinct that led them further. They didn’t have to hold back anymore, and actually slaying your enemy was easier than only slowing him or her down. However, that also meant that the Guarani weren’t holding back either, and with their sheer number, it was hard to get out of the fight unscathed.

Their circle was growing narrower and narrower as the Guarani pushed them together, back to back once again, making it extremely hard to defend without actually wounding each other. The sky was already turning pink in the east, when Khun considered going up once again. Holding back until the sunrise wasn’t such a bad idea, but it seemed very unlikely to work. He was about to grab Taecyeon and fly out of there, nudging Joon to come along, when he heard it coming.

The air was full of bloody stench that came from all of them, and then was carried from the battle by the wind, so he couldn’t smell it, but he heard it. A very light footwork, and fast. It was a vampire, but not a Guarani. Instead of running, the vampire was jumping forward, and it felt slightly familiar, but he couldn’t put his finger on it, until a Guarani that was about to grab Taec at his throat was sliced in half and two parts of his body separated and flopped apart onto the ground.

Everyone froze. There was a figure clad in dark greyish green military pants and heavy boots, one knee onto the ground, and a silver katana in the right hand that was raised up and frozen after the blow. There was an equally dark green military shirt, vest and a jacket and a big dark cape on shoulders too small for a soldier, and a ponytail of light brown hair that looked as if it had just recently been trimmed. Khun narrowed his eyes when the person looked up.

“Hola!” she said with a bright smile which died down immediately when she saw the state they were in and who they were. Khun’s eyes widened. “Nichkhun?!” she gasped.


* We're official messengers of Prince Taejo of Korea. We're not interested in your humans. We only want to pass.

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